Monday, February 22, 2010

Focus Challenge - Month 2 (2010)

Where did my weekend go? Anyways, I apologize for forgetting our Anniversary yesterday and not posting our Focus Challenge. This time we are going to help our future self out just a bit.

Find 7 small pieces of clutter over the next week IN ADDITION to your daily item. Put your daily item in your Donation Station and stash the other items near it.

During your 365 day journey there will come difficult days. It happens; life does get in the way of our grand plans sometimes. If you are too busy on a particular day to find an item to declutter, pull one from your saved items to use. You will thank your past self for helping you out like that!

Similarly, if you miss a day because life was so busy and the day was over before you knew it, allow yourself the mistake and renew your commitment for the days following. Believe it or not, you decluttered something...the guilt & frustration with yourself would have been mental clutter. If you don't allow it to take root, then you have decluttered it! With that said, beware of starting down the very slippery slope by allowing yourself to miss a day on purpose.

If you must make it up (remember...there's no guilt allowed here!), then pull an item from the "just in case" stash on the very next day, put it in your Donation Station and call it good. The point of the challenge is not all-or-nothing defeating perfectionism, but to build the routine of doing something each day to develop it into a lifestyle habit. If you miss a day, keep going!

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