Monday, March 22, 2010

Focus Challenge - Month 3 (2010)

Focus Challenge

When looking for your daily item, hit a home run this week by decluttering something from all 4 categories: unwanted, unused, unloved and unneeded.

Focus Challenge - Advanced Level

Think back to the items you've decluttered so far and determine which of the 4 criteria(s) above that those items fell into. For your Focus Challenge this week, narrow your focus to the least used category when looking for your daily decluttering item.

You can, of course, declutter anything you'd like as long as you are staying true to your challenge and decluttering at least one item per day! However, learning to narrow the focus to a single category provides a little excitement for those of us with a mostly decluttered home or for those of us who've still got a little mental clutter to fling.

Regardless of which you choose to do...You're doing awesome in your journey to clear the clutter from your life in 2010. Keep going!

If you have an idea for a future Focus Challenge, I'd love to share it. Please send it to me via email (address is in my profile) or you can include it in a comment on this post. I will be attributing it to you so be sure to include a website, Twitter ID, etc. if you'd like it mentioned.

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