Saturday, March 22, 2008

Focus Challenge – Month 1, March 22

A friend shared a philosophy with me that has given me some great perspective. It’s the philosophy of “Let It Bother You”. Pretty much, if you acknowledge an area or part of your home that bothers you, it will make you more aware of the area and that will give you the greatest thrill when you tackle whatever the bothersome problem is for you.

Our very 1st Focus Challenge is to Let It Bother You—BUT—we are going to do it our way…and that means slow & steady, the one-thing-a-day way!

Think of 7 areas or such that bother you (for example: a drawer/closet; a flat surface that always has stuff put on it, your desk at home or work, etc.) For the next week, the focus challenge is to look in one area each day for your declutter item of the day.

I encourage you to post a comment on this discussion sharing your success story with us all. Believe it or not, you will be an inspiration to others! You will also make that spark in you that wants to stay true to your challenge burn hotter & brighter because you shared. Believe me on that, I’ve seen it happen!

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  1. I tackled one of my big problem areas today. My kitchen table does not get used as it is not big enough for our family. Because of that, it tends to get piled up with junk. We were having company today and I decided that the table needed to be cleaned off. I have been wanting to use it more anyway, even though we can't eat at the table. My kitchen table is cleaned off. It only took me 15 minutes to do. I don't know why I had put it off for so long. Now the hard part is keeping it that way.

  2. WOO HOO!!! This feeling feels awesome, huh?! "No job is as big as our mind makes it" is a quote I live by. When we tell ourselves to do JUST 15 minutes, it gives us permission to stop, even if we aren't done. The tradeoff is that 1) at least the job got started and starting IS the hardest part, 2) most times, you won't be any worse off than when you started and 3) most times you will be floored that the HUGE task didn't even take more than 15 minutes. I'm so thrilled that, today, you got to see how far 15 minutes can take you! Congrats on JUST DOING IT and getting to reap your rewards! ;-)


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