Monday, June 16, 2008

Tally Tuesday – June 17

Grandma “Mrs. Claus” that my son won as a raffle prize (last weekend, LOL!)

4 computer game disks

Remaining bag & half of clothes and shoes given to me by my sister

2 princess toys from Easter basket

2 toys my son didn’t want and chose to give away

2 shirts my son didn’t want and chose to give away

2 of my daughter’s outgrown capri pants

Picture I’ve been wanting to hang for a year


  1. very awesome for your son to choose to give away shirts and toys he didnt want. you should be proud of him!

  2. Thanks Amanda. You bet I'm proud of him. Anytime I see my children willing to share things they don't need with others, it warms my heart. It was something I had to teach, obviously, but with my son (6) and my daughter (3) already having that thought process ingrained, I believe it will serve them well in life.

  3. Hey, we're sort of on the same wave length, except that my cleaning challenge is only 31 days! :)

  4. Great Job! Today I am organizing my desk, so who knows what I will get rid of!

  5. I get it now! Ha, go figure - I thought you were doing cleaning challenges!

    I am so excepting this challenge! I think the first thing I'll throw out is this empty battery package lying on my desk! :)

  6. Jolene: Thanks! The desk is a good's so close and, for many of us, it is a decluttering gold mine. ;-)

  7. Sarah Mae: LOL! Well, in a way, it is cleaning. Although, I could NEVER commit to 365 Days of (textbook) Cleaning. ;-)

    Congrats on accepting your own 365 Days of Decluttering Challenge!

    If that battery package was clutter and would have sat around for awhile waiting for you to find its proper home, then youbetcha, you just found your declutter item of the day. See, it's so easy...a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step!

  8. Mrs Clause in June? Nice raffle prize! What do they give out in December? Beach balls? ;)

  9. Kristianna: I know! Maybe it was donated to the raffle from someone who is a 365 Days of Decluttering Challenger and the NWT (new with tags) item needed to find a home elsewhere? ;-)

  10. Excellent idea! Thank you. I'm in!

  11. Hello Clare, congratulations on accepting the 365 Days of Decluttering Challenge!

    Although we all started at different times and are following different timelines, we are right there decluttering alongside you. Please remember: this journey is a long one, and since it is FOR YOU, you are only accountable TO YOU.

    Decluttering physical objects can become a bit addicting, as well as decluttering the mental clutter that was with it. A journey starts with a single step. Congrats, again, on taking this journey with us and getting rid of unwanted, unneeded, unused and unloved items in your life!


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