Wednesday, April 22, 2009

365 Days of Decluttering Challenge Meet TCOY

The 365 Days of Decluttering Challenge is key in Taking Care Of You. Simply put, any area of our life where we focus our awareness will grow us from the inside out.

To that end, decluttering is a form of taking care of ourselves, believe it or not. By accepting your own 365 Days of Decluttering Challenge, you began a journey towards improving the quality of your life from the outside in. Removing a single piece of clutter each day doesn't completely clear an entire life's worth of clutter, especially mental clutter. However, it does begin to grow an awareness inside you about self-worth, creating a life of abundance versus scarcity, etc.

Developing an enhanced awareness of yourself is what the Taking Care Of You blog (affectionately known as TCOY) is all about. Putting yourself in the line of priority, and right in front, is not selfish thinking but rather just thinking proactively. There is no better person to know, understand or believe in than you.

Believe Me, It Needs Reinforcement
I chose my blog's title to emphasize a concept I hold to be vital. Unfortunately, taking care of yourself isn’t something that is likely to come naturally. Much like the flight safety announcement telling you that in the event of a crash you must first put on your own oxygen mask and then help others, the concept of taking care of us first needs reminding, as it is most important.

As we say over at TCOY, i
t’s time to focus on...

Taking Care Of You

...because you can do it better than anyone else!

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  1. Good for you and I'll see ya at the other site!

  2. Thanks Lydia! I'm glad you saw the post. As one of my most positive supporters, it was important to me that you knew about my new venture. :-)

    How are your decluttering efforts going?

    If I remember correctly from your last posts, you've been slowly unwrapping the hold mental clutter had on you by purging the physical clutter that it represented.

  3. What a great challenge. I just got rid of three things yesterday, so I should be good till Thursday!

  4. Welcome Jayne! Congratulations on accepting your own 365 Days of Decluttering Challenge!

    This challenge is FOR YOU and you are only accountable TO YOU. Decluttering one item a day is all we ask of you. With that said, each of us may work it as we wish.

    I ask for "one item a day" to stay true to ourselves and our challenge. Doing this for 365 days in a row is helping to build routine and continuity into our thinking. It is helping us to see that it's not "all or nothing", have a block of time to do it or don't, etc. This is just a simple and pure challenge--one thing each day.

    Decluttering physical objects can become a bit addicting, as well as decluttering the mental clutter that was with it. A journey starts with a single step. Congrats, again, on taking this journey with us and getting rid of unwanted, unneeded, unused and unloved items in your life!


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