Sunday, July 5, 2009

Suzanne Is Unplugged (At Her Weekend Home)

Hello, this is Suzanne. If you have reached this message, I am away at the moment. Any messages left for me will be returned, once I have returned, in the order they were received. Hope you make it a great day and, as always, thank you for your interest in the 365 Days of Decluttering Challenge.


At my regular day job, I love when it comes time to change my extension's voicemail to a vacation message. In the days preceeding it, the anticipation builds as I eagerly count down until it's time to go like an excited child. Recording the message just sends me that much higher because I know that tomorrow is the day when I get to get away. And, now, as I'm writing this a few days before I leave for 6 days on vacation, I'm feeling that old familiar feeling. It's almost time to go, yay!

Until July 11th, I can be found around our weekend home or on my weekend couch.

As there is no internet access where we go, I'm going to enjoy my unplugged time! I'll be back soon. :-)

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