Sunday, August 22, 2010

Focus Challenge - Month 8 (2010)

For this month's Focus Challenge, let's focus on our outside space some more. Whether it's just a patio or an entire backyard, odds are good that some clutter is hiding out there.

My suggestions would be to look for items that were left there "just for a bit" but then were forgotten, unfinished projects, decor items that we no longer use or love, etc.

On each of the next 7 days, stand at the entry to your outside area and take a good look around the whole space. What catches your eye? Your focus challenge is to identify and purge 7 items of clutter.

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  1. Just found your site. It is just what I was looking for. I posted up a quick blog to chronicle my decluttering projects over the next 12 months. I thought about waiting until January, but that’s too far off.

    Will visit here often.

  2. Oh, here’s my decluttering blog:
    I just started it today.

  3. @Bakari
    Hello and welcome! Congratulations on accepting your own 365 Days of Decluttering Challenge.

    Kudos to you for not waiting for a 'perfect start' and just starting right here, right now. Next January 1st, you'll be able to take a moment and savor the feeling of freeing yourself of over 100 items!

    Please remember, this challenge is FOR YOU and you are only accountable TO YOU. Decluttering one item a day is all we ask of you; anything more and you are just giving yourself extra credit. ;-)

    Decluttering physical objects can become a bit addicting, as well as decluttering the mental clutter that was with it. Congrats, again, on taking this journey with us and getting rid of unwanted, unneeded, unused and unloved items in your life!

    ~ Suzanne
    365 Days of Decluttering Challenge
    Taking Care Of You


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