Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Focus Challenge - Month 9 (2010)

Otherwise known as "Forgotten Fall" around here (please read). I am so sorry for completely forgetting about posting your September Focus Challenge!

For this challenge, take a look at all of the Autumn and holiday items you are bringing out. Do like, love and intend to use them all? Or are there a few that have seen their usefulness in your life end and can now be decluttered? If so, get them out of your space and give them new life elsewhere*. And be sure to congratulate yourselves for staying true to your decluttering challenge!

*If they're useable, please consider giving them away to someone you know or one that you don't (donating to a charity). One's mans treasure and all that. Plus the landfill doesn't need unnecessary stuff thrown in there; there is already too much in the way of trash being generated!

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