Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Focus Challenge - Month 5

It's anniversary time once again. We have been going strong on our own challenges for approximately 5 months now.

How ya feeling? Are you inspired by the challenge to keep the decluttering going now as a lifestyle instead of a fad diet? Do you feel you've grown through all of your hard work to keep true to your challenge and declutter an item each and every day? I hope you are feeling those things and more.

Congratulations to you all! You are doing awesome.

How about we play a word game for our next Focus Challenge? For the next seven days, use the letters in the word C-L-U-T-T-E-R to inspire your decluttering. You can declutter something that starts with one of the letters (ex: cup, catalog, canned food...and so on for each of the letters), look in a location that starts with one of the letters (ex: cabinet, car, closet...and so on), etc.

Have fun with this...and don't forget to post your decluttering finds so we can enjoy your puzzle too! :-)

C =
L =
U =
T =
T =
E =
R =

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