Thursday, July 3, 2008

Tally Tuesday – July 1

I'm on vacation this week and boy does it show. Thankfully, I'm very behind on my computer time and way up on my family time. ;-)

* Decorative/gift box
* Toy dinosaur my son didn’t want and chose to give away
* Toy shark souvenir my son didn’t want and chose to give away
* My son’s Easter basket he didn’t want
* Another pancake mold (3 circles)
* Old kids meal toy
* Big bag of hair clips & bands (daughter doesn't like them in her hair)
* Costume jewelry of my mom's that my daughter used for dress up
* Hung a picture that has been waiting to be hung for 2 years
* Put up an iron wall hanging

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  1. Great Job! I need to start catching up!!! I am sooo behind!

  2. Jolene: Thanks! I've been on vacation and while packing up for a long camping trip, I decluttered as I packed. It's the perfect time to clean out a drawer. I just got back and haven't posted the Tally but you'll see what I mean. ;-)

    One thing a day can sound so easy but life gets in the way. Staying true to your challenge and finding that one thing is empowering. Jump back in!

  3. Family time good. Computer time... not so bad, but not as good.

  4. Rick: You have it correct. I enjoy both but I know the family time is what life's memories are made of and much more important.


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