Friday, July 25, 2008

Get to Know More About Me

I admit, when I see "Get to Know Me" kind of posts in blogs I think "Glad it's you and not me". I also cringe about having to fill out the email forwards from my friends. I still do it. Why? Well, I did find out something by reading theirs and it helps me to keep expanding a bit past my comfort level. As a very shy person growing up, who decided I'd had enough of that at age 15, I have adopted expanding my comfort zone as a bit of a personal endeavor.

This time it was Journeyer's Chronicles that tagged me and it was fun to get to know her. I enjoy her blog so much and feel honored that she chose to tag me. So, here I am, answering my questions.

What were you doing 10 years ago?

Let's see...July 1998. I was 23 and at a turning point in life. My boyfriend and I had been together for a few days shy of 3 years; endured a very torturous year long separation while we were both in the U.S. Marine Corps that had begun only 6 months into our relationship; had been living together for a year and a half; and had already started accumulating debt together (credit cards, car loan).

Yet, he didn't think we were ready for marriage. I had always let the issue drop but, at about this time, I began to strongly feel that we needed to do it or realize that we were just wasting time. And, I believe that life is short. It didn't help that my older step-sister had announced her engagement a month a man she'd known for 8 months...for a wedding the following June.

After a few weeks of discussions, he understood that I was very serious and we decided it was time to get married. My close friends know that I love math, "see" math in everyday things (ex: I play Yahtzee...roll three 6's, one 2 and one 4...and secretly think, "Cool, four 6's" ;-) and that this carries over to dates, as well. I pitched 9/8/98 to him, only half joking. I swear, I saw sweat on his brow! I begrudgingly agreed that date left so little time to plan. We had no financial help from family (my portion went to step-sister because my step-mom controls the money, grr) and had almost no money, so you can see by my two-weeks-away-wedding-date that it wasn't going to be a grand affair. I zeroed in on 1/9/99 and he was powerless to deter me. Finally, he agreed. He did admit that it would be a very simple date for him to remember!

Five things on your to do list

* Make a delivery (I'm a Mary Kay Ind. Beauty Consultant)
* Finish moving stuff from old computer to new computer
* Add some feng shui touches to my laundry room (family)
* Catch up on subscriptions emails (was gone on vacation)
* Wash my car

What snacks do you like?
* Nuts
* Fruit
* String cheese
* Chocolate

What would you do if you were a billionaire?

I would get a divorce, buy and furnish a new house, buy a closet full of clothing for my children and I. Then I would learn a lot about money management because I know nothing about having a lot of money. Once we were secure, I would gift some to everyone I know. And, since the money management would have included allocating enough money in the right care to handle the rest of our life's expenses, I would start looking at charitable organizations and efforts that I think would benefit from financial assistance. I'm sure there would be a lot left but I'm at a loss as to where it would go.

Three bad habits

* I yell in frustration
(thankfully, not a life-long habit--just one that has developed in the last few years because of stress...I am optimistic that when that stressor is out of my life, my calmer self will return)
* I hate flossing
* I don't estimate enough time and run late a lot

Five places you have lived

* My parents' home
* My mom's home
* My dad's home
* In 4 rental homes
* In a home I own

Five jobs you’ve had

* Asst. Manager of a photo studio
* Wal-Mart cashier
* Senior file clerk (at a bank's headquarters)
* Directory Assistance (411 operator)
* Secretary to the Commissioner

How did you name your blog?

I prefer less "structure" and "have to" in my day but wanted to begin having more routines in my life as far as decluttering and general home care. I decided to challenge myself to declutter one thing each day for 365 days because decluttering is a fairly easy thing for me to would have been nuts for me to commit to cleaning every day for 365 days! I asked friends on the FlyLadies & More Forum if they'd take their own decluttering challenge and keep me company. It was such a positive influence in our lives that I created a blog about it to reach more people. :-)

Now you've gotten to know more about me and it's time to choose 3 people I'd like to know more about. I've chosen 365 Days of Decluttering Challenger blogs that I enjoy reading. If you've done one of these lately and I missed it, I apologize. And, of course, there's no pressure to participate.

House Takeout * Me, My House and I * My Little Cowboys

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  1. COOL!! I posted one about me on my blog...go check it out :-)

  2. Thanks for joining in Suzanne. It's good to get to know you a little better too. I know what you mean about cringing. I'm a little like that as well. I find blogging is a great way to put myself "out there" much more than I probably would in person.

  3. Girl, I may be misreading but it sounds to me like you would stay married until you won the lottery.
    Life is too short to be unhappy. Money isn't everything. I stayed married for 15 years and finally got the courage to ask for a divorce. I shouldn't have waited so long.

  4. Ok, I just spent waaaay too much time thinking about myself - it's scary livin' in my head, lol!
    Hope you're having a good evening!!


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